Merissa and Chad
A laid back French Quarter wedding full of food, wine and close friends.

Merissa & Chad met at while working at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. They had been to Charleston, SC. together the year before for a bachelor/bachelorette party and loved the city so decided to return for a long weekend. Under the ruse of going to a wine market, they walked down to Washington Square where Chad proposed.

Merissa & Chad chose to get married in New Orleans because the Merissa went to Tulane and once New Orleans is in your soul it just never leaves. They both love the city and visit New Orleans least once a year since we started dating. They had a smaller laid back wedding with close friends and family. The ceremony was the Hermann-Grima House. They had both Christian and Jewish blessings over wine. Their closest friends also read the Seven Wedding Blessings.

Both are food and wine connoisseurs, so choosing Broussard’s for their reception was an absolutely perfect choice.