Caroline & David
A true, "Plan B" Wedding due to Hurricane Nate.

When we were editing these photos we really just couldn’t get over the huge smile Caroline had in every single one of her wedding photos. She was having a blast, even though Hurricane Nate was in the Gulf of Mexico heading to New Orleans!

In all the years years we have been photographing weddings, we have never had a hurricane threatening to come in on a Saturday wedding day! The city had even set a curfew for all residents starting at 7pm.

Caroline & David’s wedding was originally scheduled to be an evening wedding, but her amazing planner Taylor Quintini , Brennan’s and Caroline’s family were able to make everything happen 7 hours earlier. Whew! And sure, it rained buckets all during the day, but it didn’t stop the festivities at all.

It truly melted our hearts knowing that Caroline & David still got to have an amazing day. I know this post has a heck of a lot of explanation points in it too… haha, but it’s well deserved! Whew!

Brenan's Restaurant | New Orleans, LA
Sam Hanna
Eau Claire Photographics
Second Photographer:
Alan Amato