I was that kid who ran around with a camera. I took many high school photography classes, and continued my education in photography all the way to an MFA program in film. I’ve worked as a commercial photographer for many years and have been published in major publications such as Vanity Fair, Fitness Magazine and Food and Wine. I currently have images displayed in a Smithsonian Museum and also work as a photographer for Getty Images.

I established Eau Claire Photographics when I was a collage student in 2002, quite accidentally after photographing a bridal portrait session for a friend. Afterwards I started to receive many requests to photograph weddings for couples in the New Orleans area.

Hurricane Katrina took me away from New Orleans to NYC. I had a blast photographing weddings in NYC and around the country for the next few years. During that time I would often come back to New Orleans to photograph weddings and I realized that I missed the food, my friends and the smells just a little more with each trip. I moved back to New Orleans New Orleans to photograph the Southern weddings that I missed.

I met my husband Sam Hanna when I moved back to New Orleans. He’s a commercial and cullinary photographer in New Orleans who also helps me as a 2nd photographer at weddings and editing from time to time.

I have photographed over 1,000 weddings in 31 states. I still love photographing every single one of them. I still approach each one uniquely and originally.

I am based in New Orleans and am available for weddings in Louisiana or anywhere.

– Sandra, Eau Claire Photographics