Graham and Olivia chose an old private courtyard in the French Quarter for their ceremony. The fire of 1788 started in this courtyard. Afterwards half of the courtyard was rebuilt in Spanish style and other half remained in it’s original French style. They had their ceremony and first look on the original French side of the courtyard, and we were able to take some beautiful portraits in the Spanish Courtyard.

Olivia pulled inspiration from historic New Orleans, for a classic and vintage themed wedding. She said, “We love the Old World feel of New Orleans. My fiancé and I love history and learning the stories behind how things became the way they are. We also love how these old things are all a little different.” Graham is also talented calligraphy artist who added personal touches on signs, hangers, 2nd line towels and monograms.

Everything was laid back and just beautiful. It was a wonderful day to add to New Orleans history


Sandra O'Claire, Eau Claire Photographics


New Orleans, Louisiana
Ceremony: Private Courtyard in French Quarter
Reception: The Riverview Room">